Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Hiring and Recruitment

Each member agrees to be bound by the following guidelines:

  1. Each Association school and its administrators or employees shall not induce a teacher, administrator, or staff member to breach a contract with another member school.

  2. Each Association school respects the right of an employee to visit and consider employment in another school without notifying the employee’s present school, and it also recognizes and respects the right of another school to hold preliminary initiated by the employee about the possibilities of future employment in another MAIS school without notifying the present MAIS school. At the same time, a school administrator should ascertain whether the individual with whom he/she is talking is under contract with another member school before offering employment for that same contract period. Upon ascertaining that the individual is currently under contract with another member school for that same contract period being discussed, the Head of School or representative responsible for the interview should immediately cease any further discussions related to employment regarding the particular contract year.

  3. As a professional courtesy, prior to extending an employment contract to an employee from another member school, the school head should inform the head of the prospective employee’s present school.

  4. It is the responsibility of each member school to be certain its employees are informed and otherwise familiar with the “Responsibilities” listed herein.

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